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Who loves Dragon Ball?

Ever since my childhood days, I always watch this anime. My day is not complete without watching this. Who else don’t know about Dragon Ball? Mmmmmm….I’m sure that most of you know this wonderful anime from mangga series. Dragon Ball is very exciting to watch especially the fighting scenes. I always look for that, the flying and kicking and all that stuff. Main characters like Gokou, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks has the ability to transform in super-saiyan. A kind of transformation that is only accessible to the characters who possess heritage from the fictional race called the Saiyans. The results, they have great enhanced physical abilities and energy. The physical appearance also changed. Their hair becomes golden-yellow and their muscles widen. And they have this aura surrounding them that makes it more fantastic.

Aside from the fighting scenes, the story is also good. It is about courage, love, friendship, and family. Gokou and his family always saves the world from invading enemies like Freeza, Cell, Majin Boo, and other bad creatures who wants to destroy our one and only planet. With help of Dragon Balls, they can summon the mighty dragon and they can make 3 wishes as their reward.

I gathered some dragon ball pics…



The Dragon Ball Cast


The Saiyan Clan



Here are some info about the movie…


The plot revolves around Gokou, Earth’s greatest champion who must defend the planet against an invading race of alien warriors hell-bent on dominating the universe.

Director: James Wong

Release Date: Aug 15, 2008

Genre: Adventure/Action


Gokou – Justin Chatwin

Lord Piccolo – James Marsters

Bulma – Emmy Rossum

Master Roshi – Chow Yun-Fat

Chi Chi – Jamie Chung

Yamcha – Joon Park

Mai – Eriko Tamura

Grandpa Gohan – Randall Duk Kim

Carey Fuller – Texas Battle

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